The World Wars

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 1 Trial by Fire
S 1 E 1

Trial by Fire

Aired on May 26, 2014
An assassin's bullet sparks a global conflict that quickly evolves into the deadliest war humanity has ever seen. In the chaos, a new generation of soldier emerges, including a group of men who would become the most infamous leaders of the 20th century. Jeremy Renner narrates.
 2 A Rising Threat
S 1 E 2

A Rising Threat

Aired on May 27, 2014
The fighting may have stopped, but tensions around the world continue to simmer just beneath the surface. Few may realize it, but the seeds of the next great global conflict have already been sown. Jeremy Renner narrates.
 3 Never Surrender
S 1 E 3

Never Surrender

Aired on May 28, 2014
A new generation of world leaders is called to action as war inevitably breaks out again. The men who came of age in battle now must rely upon past experiences to fight a new conflict, as they face the greatest challenge humanity has ever seen. Jeremy Renner narrates.

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