Swamp People: Serpent Invasion

New Season Thurs., Jan. 5 at 9:30/8:30c; Stream Next Day

About the Show

The Cajun Navy returns to Florida to help battle the incredibly dangerous and invasive species of Burmese pythons destroying the Everglades. Last year was just the start of a very successful hunt and capture of these aggressive creatures, but now, the pythons are breeding at unprecedented rates.

“King of the Swamp” Troy Landry, his son Chase, gator wrangler Bruce Mitchell, and invasive species Hunter Zak Catchem, once again join local snake expert Bill Booth to battle these giant snakes to protect the community, native species, and environment.

This year, the hunters divide and conquer—splitting into two teams to cover more ground, and travel farther than ever before. They’ll use different transportation methods and tools as their mission takes them into dark, dangerous, and mysterious areas of the swamp, where man has never stepped foot, and the snakes breed unchecked. This is a war to take back the Everglades!

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