Season 1 (8)

2 Seasons | 16 Episodes

Episode 1 Dickering 101
S 1 E 1

Dickering 101

Aired on Apr 02, 2014
Welcome to Maine and the world of dickering, where everything comes with a price tag. Using a weekly publication, Uncle Henry's, as a guide, our expert dickerers make a good enough living in swapping, buying, and selling, to enjoy life on their own terms. Tony Bennett and his partner, Codfish, turn a hefty profit on vintage auto parts and soda signs. Roland "Yummy" Raubeson and his son Mitchell tackle a bridge-building project. And Clint Rohdin and his future son-in-law Nate trade mechanical skills and hard labor for the perfect demolition derby junker. Just a normal week in Down East Maine!
Episode 2 Risky Business
S 1 E 2

Risky Business

Aired on Apr 09, 2014
These dickerers live by a book--a weekly publication in Maine that advertises OPPORTUNITY. To avoid legal hot water, Tony has to unload one of his many vehicles, but can't turn down a deal to buy another. Will he end up in the hole or ahead of the game? Yummy and son Mitchell undertake a dangerous job of removing a heavy, historic bell from a crumbling church tower. Meanwhile, tractor-loving Clint turns an old tractor to its former glory without spending a nickel.
Episode 3 Not So Fast...
S 1 E 3

Not So Fast...

Aired on Apr 16, 2014
Tony and Codfish buy a beat-up '60s-era school bus with hopes it can be turned into a RV. But getting the jumbo-sized monster out of the field is the first problem, and then finding a buyer who won't scrap it is the second. Mitchell wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a full-time dickerer, but a skeptical Yummy demands his son to prove his dickering skills by earning $700 in a week. Meanwhile, Clint dickers a deal to fix up a paintball facility, but when the job becomes more difficult than originally planned, he is forced to confront the owner.
Episode 4 Mine Your Own Business
S 1 E 4

Mine Your Own Business

Aired on Apr 23, 2014
Inspired by an ad in Uncle Henry's, Tony and Codfish decide to spend their week mining for gemstones, but hitting real pay-dirt is easier said than done. Meanwhile, Owen "Turtle" Mercon and his crew launch a crazy money-making scheme to create their own biker "ride-in" movie theater. All they need is a projector, a screen, and everything else. Meanwhile, Clint takes on a roofing job that promises a huge payout--if he can finish in three days. Whoever said the good life came easy?
Episode 5 You Can Take It with You
S 1 E 5

You Can Take It with You

Aired on Apr 30, 2014
Tony comes across an old barn in need of tearing down, but what he really wants is all the beautiful old material it's made of. Can he and Codfish do the job without destroying all the treasures inside? Meanwhile, Bruce convinces Clint to do something that goes against Clint's very nature--attending a public auction. Now it's up to Bruce to prove that these events are not only a good time, but can reap rich rewards. Over in Yummy's neck of the woods, Mitchell vows to make Yummy's upcoming birthday the best (and cast-free) celebration ever.
Episode 6 Franken-Stuff
S 1 E 6


Aired on May 07, 2014
Tony and Codfish start their week with a big sale: $1500 for a vintage soda machine and an old Coca-Cola sign. With cash in hand, they're eager to spend it on anything they can turn around for even more profit. Meanwhile, Clint sets Bruce up with a big money job: converting an old dump truck into a working log loader for a friend with a logging job in Alaska. The only catch is, he needs it in a week! And Turtle and his crew get into an argument that turns downright ballistic when they decide to hold a shooting contest for bragging rights. And just to show how confident he is about winning, Turtle's going to build his rifle from scratch.
Episode 7 Dicker-Fest!
S 1 E 7


Aired on May 14, 2014
Across Down East, festivals are underway and our dickerers see dollar signs. Tony scrambles to make cash selling chainsaws at the Lumberjack Festival. The ever-resourceful Yummy jumps at the chance to perform a wedding at a wild and crazy redneck-themed event--for a price. Meanwhile, Turtle's confident he can sell a Hovercraft at a biker gathering--until a surly customer puts his patience to the test.
Episode 8 Blood, Sweat and Dickerers
S 1 E 8

Blood, Sweat and Dickerers

Aired on May 21, 2014
With winter fast approaching, our dickerers see opportunities to score on cold-weather equipment. Clint attempts to restore and sell an old Bombardier, while Bruce faces an uphill battle when he tries to sell his Skidder to a no-nonsense neighbor. Meanwhile, Nate works overtime to pay for a new truck while Yummy tries to work his charm in selling a truck with a snow plow to a comely young woman. And Tony just might pull off his most lucrative score of the year--if he can persuade his contractors to work for no upfront cash.

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