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Full Episodes

S 13 E 10

The Sentinels

Aired on Aug 10, 2018
Seven stone giants stand guard over a Pacific island. But what are they protecting--and from whom? Ancient Astronaut theorists Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and David H. Childress explore a Polynesian land of bizarre figures and forbidden places in search of what could be the ultimate evidence of mankind's extraterrestrial origins.
S 13 E 9

The Taken

Aired on Aug 03, 2018
Millions of people around the world have claimed to be abducted by extraterrestrials. Are these extraordinary accounts some form of mass psychological delusion? Or, might these stories actually be true?
S 13 E 8

Island of the Giants

Aired on Jul 27, 2018

Could the ancient ruins of Sardinia, Italy hold clues to an extraterrestrial past? Oak Island treasure hunter Marty Lagina and Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explore the bizarre statues, mysterious pyramids and gigantic structures left behind by one of the most mysterious cultures in the ancient world.

S 13 E 7

Earth Station Egypt

Aired on Jul 20, 2018
Was Egypt home to Earth's earliest extraterrestrial visitors? Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos explores the latest scientific discoveries at some of the world's most ancient places to find evidence that extraterrestrials visited Egypt in the distant past.
S 13 E 6

Area 52

Aired on Jun 01, 2018
Could Area 51's notoriety act as a cover up to much bigger, top-secret extraterrestrial experiments taking place at multiple locations?
S 13 E 5

The Desert Codes

Aired on May 25, 2018

Could giant ancient drawings found etched into the desert floor be part of an ancient alien code?

S 13 E 4

Earth's Black Holes

Aired on May 18, 2018
Could black holes exist not just in outer space, but here on Earth? And if so, could Earth's Black Holes have caused strange disappearances and other inexplicable phenomena for centuries?
S 13 E 3

The Alien Protocols

Aired on May 11, 2018
In 2017, a strange, cigar-shaped object entered our solar system from another star system traveling in such an unusual trajectory it caused some astronomers to suggest that it could be an extraterrestrial craft. It brought up an important question--will we have a plan in place for what to do if we encounter alien life?
S 13 E 2

Da Vinci's Forbidden Codes

Aired on May 04, 2018
Researchers claim there are hidden messages that can be found within the works of Leonardo da Vinci--and other art throughout history--that may reveal an extraterrestrial influence.
S 13 E 1

The UFO Conspiracy

Aired on Apr 27, 2018
In 2017, it was revealed that the Department of Defense recently spent millions investigating reports of UFOs. This is the latest disclosure about a series of secret government UFO projects dating back decades, but many of their findings have never been released to the public. Could the truth about an extraterrestrial presence on Earth be part of a UFO Conspiracy?

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