Stan Lee's Superhumans

About the Show

Throughout history, the forces of evolution and genetic mutation have endowed humans with astonishing new abilities and features. It’s a process that continues to this day, and nowhere is it more evident than in the fascinating world of Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

Hosted by Stan Lee, co-creator of some of the most iconic comic book superheroes of all time, like Spiderman and the X-Men, this series goes in search of more real people with extraordinary powers. In each episode, Stan Lee explores a single theme that inspired his comic book creations–including fear, super-strength, genetic mutation and immunity to pain. To investigate each theme, Stan sends rubber-boy Daniel Browning-Smith (the World’s Most Flexible Man) on a global search to test the claims of four individuals–all rumored to have these real-life comic-book powers–to find out if they really are…Superhuman.

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