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 6 The Showdown State
S 1 E 6

The Showdown State

Aired on Sep 01, 2020

After five weeks of punishing hits and tough crashes, it’s all come down to one last derby. This is the Outsiders last chance to save face after another dominant performance by the Belle Boys. Outsider coach Ryan Rakestraw knows he must lead his team to redemption. Before the big event, Ryan challenges his Belle Boy nemesis Chad Faulkner to a one-on-one mini derby. Both teams come to the season finale ready to leave it all out on the course – but no one could have imagined the shocking result.

 5 Belle Hath No Fury
S 1 E 5

Belle Hath No Fury

Aired on Aug 25, 2020

After the brutal bone stock event, the bad blood is ready to boil over. The Outsiders accuse Belle Boys coach Brandon Thompson of crossing a line by encouraging one of his drivers to make a late hit. An attempt to broker peace falls flat, and a very public taunt by the mischievous Faulkner Brothers brings tensions to an all-time high. Will the Outsiders exact revenge? Or will the Belle Boys double down to secure another victory?

 4 Bone Crusher
S 1 E 4

Bone Crusher

Aired on Sep 20, 2020

Last week Outsider Garit Kinsey went on a destructive rampage after breaking his stick, leaving a black spot on the first Outsiders victory. The Belle Boys try to bury their fury and propose a bone stock derby for the next event where all drivers must use unmodified stock cars. This event will give them more time to fix their mod cars and more importantly, will show which team has the better driving skills. Belle Boys captain Brandon Thompson plans to use this derby to not only win, but also punish the rogue Outsiders.

 3 Going Rogue
S 1 E 3

Going Rogue

Aired on Sep 13, 2020
It's the halfway point in the derby battle between The Belle Boys and The Outsiders. Though the Belle Boys emerge victorious from round two, their cars take some serious damage. To win, they attempt a secret strategy. Meanwhile, The Outsiders, realize their weak link could be their captain. Will they mutiny, or will this be his moment to step up for a win? And in the wildest derby yet, one Outsider shows he's willing to do anything for a win.
 2 Deja Vu Again
S 1 E 2

Deja Vu Again

Aired on Aug 04, 2020
After the Faulkner Brothers turn against their Belle Boy teammates in the last derby to claim the prize, the entire Belle team is left with major repair work before their second derby of the season. Meanwhile, though hurting from a week one defeat, The Outsiders see opportunity and spend the week making enhancements to their war machines. But will this be enough to come out on top? And can the Belle Boys control their teammate Chad or will he continue to go rouge?
 1 Blood Feud
S 1 E 1

Blood Feud

Aired on Sep 13, 2020
The Show Me State has a powerful legacy of outlaws and feuds. Home to Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickok, Missouri's now home to a new rivalry: the one between the Belle Boys and the Outsiders, fought each week in the demolition derby arena in Belle, Missouri. This season, the scrappy Outsiders team challenges local derby legend and reigning champions, the Belle Boys, to a series of six derbies. Every week, the two teams battle it out in a deeply personal fight for automotive supremacy in their grizzled, souped-up derby cars.

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