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 1 Beast or Famine
S 1 E 1

Beast or Famine

Aired on Jan 30, 2020

Three strangers take on the ultimate survival test: surviving for one month in the Arctic with no tools, just the body of a fallen animal. Lindsay, Joe, and Zane race to preserve their meat, build shelter, and make fire, but illness and the harsh environment push them to the breaking point. Once a hungry predator shows up, their time in the Arctic becomes increasingly dangerous.

 2 Ticking Time Bomb
S 1 E 2

Ticking Time Bomb

Aired on Feb 06, 2020

In the most brutal survival challenge ever, three strangers try to endure 30 days in the Arctic with no tools, just the clothes on their backs, and one fallen animal. Ben, Nate, and Robert must fight against relentless predators and punishing weather if they hope to survive the month.

 3 Burnt Out
S 1 E 3

Burnt Out

Aired on Feb 13, 2020

Three strangers attempt to live in the Arctic provided with the body of one dead animal as their only source of supplies. Living as their ancestors once did with no tools, Anne, Phil, and Shane struggle to make fire, preserve meat, and protect themselves against hungry predators. As they continue on and their differing survival styles clash, tensions rise. When a fire destroys a vital resource, they must adapt or face starvation.

 4 Trail of Blood
S 1 E 4

Trail of Blood

Aired on Sep 26, 2020
Three strangers must work together to survive for one month in the Arctic with nothing but one dead animal. Jason, Amy and Nathan will have to defend themselves from the brutal Arctic climate and unrelenting predators, while struggling to preserve their meat, make fire, and build shelter from the punishing elements. But when the cold and snow rolls in, their resolve--and their health--is tested.
 5 Swamp of Suffering
S 1 E 5

Swamp of Suffering

Aired on Sep 26, 2020
Three strangers try to endure 30 days in the heart of the Louisiana swamp with absolutely no tools. All they have are the clothes on their backs and one dead alligator. Rick, Hudson, and Jason attempt to survive off the land, relying on this prehistoric beast for sustenance, and more. Things take a bad turn when the gator meat begins to spoil and they seek out far less desirable sources of nourishment.
 6 Tainted Water
S 1 E 6

Tainted Water

Aired on Sep 26, 2020
Donny, Shawn and Matt must survive the inhospitable Louisiana swamp for thirty days, living off only one resource: a fallen wild boar. Their survival skills are put to the test as they battle torrential rains, hunger, and frightening illness in a place where even a sip of water can be deadly.

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