Joe Schilling

Joe Schilling

Episode 1

Age: 50

Hometown:Hawthorne, NV

Joe has been interested in the outdoors since a young age, preferring to play in drainage canals at the local park rather than on the jungle gym.

He didn’t discover his passion for wilderness skills until around the age of 14, when he read the book “My Side of the Mountain.” The woods became Joe’s safe haven—a place far removed from schoolyard bullies and the chaotic city lifestyle.

Years later, Joe took his first wilderness survival class at the Tracker School in NJ. After learning as much as he could there, he continued training at different wilderness schools and courses across the country. Joe was mentored by the late Ron Hood and took part in Hood’s survival videos. He is one of the co-founders of the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills gathering and social group (MAPS).

For over 30 years, Joe has wanted to just leave the world behind and live solely off the land. He’s excited to finally have the opportunity to do so with this challenge. He wants to push his skills to the limit and show everyone out there what he can truly do when it comes to wilderness survival. Joe hopes to continue teaching wilderness skills and maybe one day have a school of his own.