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S 1 E 1

Crash, Burn, Repeat

Aired on Oct 22, 2013
It's the beginning of the daredevil stunt season and Mr. Dizzy, Dr. Danger, and Spanky and Bryan Spangler are all champing at the bit to get their first stunts of the year under their belts. For Spanky an epic wreck during his car jump (and the subsequent doctor's order to give it a rest) calls not only Spanky's plans for his second stunt--a highfall from Butte's highest building--into question, but also causes him to question his livelihood as a daredevil. Concerned for his father's safety, Bryan encourages Spanky to allow him to perform the highfall in his place. Down in Texarkana Texas, Dr. Danger kicks off his season with a fire run, and then motors out to his next performance; a domino car crash in Killeen. Up in Twin Falls Idaho, Mr. Dizzy is trekking to the cursed Magic Valley speedway. The last four daredevils to perform here have met with concussions, busted bones, and near death crashes; including Dizzy who suffered a concussion here last year.
S 1 E 2

Fear Rides Shotgun

Aired on Oct 22, 2013
Dr. Danger has made a promise to himself to climb out of obscurity. Now, the tiny desert town of Kingman Arizona is the spot where Danger is determined to prove himself worthy of the daredevil moniker by flying a full-sized school bus through the air, and into two other school buses stood on their ends; but as Dr. Danger soon finds out, sometimes the setup is even more dangerous than the stunt itself. Up in Monroe Washington, a last minute cancellation at the local track turns into an opportunity for Mr. Dizzy to bring something original to his home town fans. The goal: take a full sized Suburban SUV, attach a trailer with a boat on it, and launch off a ramp and over three RVs. Over in Mt. Pleasant Michigan, Spanky's young son Bryan headlines the show while his dad recoups from last week's crash.
S 1 E 3

Up in Flames

Aired on Oct 29, 2013
After a promoter witnessed his incredible Bus Jump in Kingman, Dr. Danger's been invited to perform at the dirt track in Pahrump. With a limited window to prepare, Doc's bringing a unique twist to his Fire Wall stunt that the citizens of Pahrump won't soon forget. Spanky Spangler is booked at the hockey arena in Prescott, AZ, where he's going to perform his world famous Flaming High Fall. Spanky soon finds that there are several obstacles that stand between him and a successful fall; and when his son Bryan is nowhere to be found, that's one more problem that Spanky doesn't need. Mr. Dizzy steps out from behind the wheel to produce an 8-stunt spectacular that he likes to call Crash Factory Live. He's enlisted the top young daredevil talent from around the country to perform at his show, as well as his prot g s Crusher and Headache.
S 1 E 4

The Beast is Unleashed

Aired on Oct 29, 2013
Hot on the heels of a major blow up with his headliner, Crusher, Mr. Dizzy turns his attention to patching things up and executing his 8-stunt spectacular, Crash Factory Live. Jumps, crashes, and smashes abound, but when it all comes down to Crusher's T-Bone jump, will he take it too far just to prove that he's worthy of the headlining status? Dr. Danger is in Woodward, OK, where he intends to take on the much feared Megasaurus. A giant on the monster truck circuit that breathes fire and eats cars, Danger aims to jump his car through the mechanical dinosaur's flames and come out the other side without killing himself. But first Dr. Danger needs to keep his crew from killing one another. Meanwhile, Spanky and Bryan Spangler are in Phoenix, AZ preparing for their biggest stunt so far this season.
S 1 E 5

Dirt and Destruction

Aired on Nov 05, 2013
The Spanglers have arrived at Charlotte Motor Speedway, for the biggest stunt of their season thus far. With their "fly-by" car jump and dark clouds threatening rain looming, the pressure takes its toll on the father/son duo. Taking a breather between stunts, Dr. Danger visits the California desert where a dirt bike shaman named Bird plans to break the long distance motorcycle jump record, with a flight beyond 500 feet. However, as Dr. Danger knows all too well, the desert is a difficult place to stake your claim. Up in Monroe, Washington, Mr. Dizzy is getting his duck in a row for the biggest break of his daredevil career. He's been invited to the dirt track at CMS, and he's got a mind-blowing trick up his sleeve, but first he must test the prototype, a 360-degree spiral into a car stack, at his home track, in order to lock in his game plan.
S 1 E 6

Tough Guy

Aired on Nov 05, 2013
With a successful car spiral under his belt, Mr. Dizzy puts the next phase of his epic scheme for CMS into play. To turn heads, Dizzy's going out on a limb financially and investing his entire bankroll in a limousine that he plans to spiral a full 360-degrees. If he succeeds, he'll have a new World Record under his belt. Meanwhile, down in Charlotte, it's go time for Bryan and Spanky Spangler. With their family feud and mechanical woes behind them, Sr. and Jr. stare down one last obstacle that threatens the show, and their safety...rain.
S 1 E 7

When Worlds Collide Pt. I

Aired on Nov 12, 2013
The dirt track at CMS is the scene of a showdown between Mr. Dizzy and Dr. Danger. The daredevils have been invited to perform two stunts in one night. For Dizzy, this is a golden opportunity to prove that he has what it takes to take his stunt business to the next level; and to grab another world record. For Dr. Danger, it's his chance to live up to a dream that he's always had about performing at a venue of this caliber. However, Danger and Dizzy are like oil and water, and before long, the two are at each other's throats. Meanwhile, down in Show Low, Arizona, Spanky Spangler's on the shelf after suffering a fractured vertebrae and a couple of broken ribs during the last show in Charlotte. Problem is, he's already booked a full tour and doctors have forbid him from performing.
S 1 E 8

When Worlds Collide Pt. II

Aired on Nov 12, 2013
Tonight, Mr. Dizzy and Dr. Danger are both booked to perform in front of thousands of fans at Charlotte Motor Speedway's dirt track. This is the first time that Danger and Dizzy have shared a bill, and they've been fighting like cats and dogs since they got here. It's a giant track, but it ain't big enough for the two of 'em. As showtime approaches, the tension between Dizzy and Danger grows, and the question is, can they get out of each other's way long enough to hit their marks. For Dizzy, it's all about collecting another world record, and for Danger, 22 years of struggle all comes down to this.
S 1 E 9

Kicked from the Nest

Aired on Nov 19, 2013
Since his horrific crash in Charlotte, Spanky Spangler has been sidelined and Bryan Spangler has been thrust into the spotlight. So tonight, Bryan's headlining at the world famous Texas Motor Speedway, but will he fill his father's shoes, or fall short of expectations? Meanwhile, in Monroe, Washington Mr. Dizzy's success in Charlotte has him moving full steam ahead. Word spread like wildfire about his epic limo spiral and bookings are pouring in, so he's giving Crusher a shot to represent the Mr. Dizzy brand as a solo act in British Columbia.
S 1 E 10

Guts and Glory

Aired on Nov 19, 2013
Crusher is sent to Vancouver by Mr. Dizzy to headline two stunts. After the promoter offers up a car, Crusher decides to throw in a third stunt, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew. In Texas, Dr. Danger's looking to get his mojo back after a tough go-round in Charlotte. He's got two stunts on tap; first a "gorilla stunt" in his home town of Austin, and then a classic four car stack in Abilene. He may be goin' back to his roots, but the good doctor gets way more than he bargained for.
S 1 E 11

Too Tough To Die

Aired on Jan 08, 2014
After a near fatal crash in Abilene, Dr. Danger is questioning if he's got what it takes to return to the circuit. Meanwhile, a new daredevil on the scene sets up for a show in Fulton, NY with a legendary stunt performer as his coordinator. Later, up in Washington, Crusher has to face Mr. Dizzy and answer for over extending himself during a recent show in Canada.
S 1 E 12

Young Bloods

Aired on Jan 08, 2014
After being sidelined by an injury for a week, Dr. Danger is back where he belongs--on the road. He and his crew are headed back to Pahrump Valley Speedway, where Danger's angling to make up for his weak showing the last time he performed here, with a stunt he likes to call Fireboxing. Meanwhile, up in Washington tension is building between Mr. Dizzy and Crusher. Dizzy hasn't been happy with Crusher's last few performances and the young prot g is hoping to get back on track with a hard hitting car stack collision.
S 1 E 13

Strength in Numbers Pt. I

Aired on Jan 08, 2014
Up in the northwest corner of the USA, the legendary Spanky Spangler and his son Bryan have been flown in for a very special performance. Mr. Dizzy's invited the Spangler boys to headline a show at his home track, because not only does the Spangler name fill seats, it also means that he gets to show his stuff in front of the man that he considers an idol. The Spanglers are bringing one of Spanky's most notorious stunts, the crane drop, to Monroe. And in turn, Dizzy's dusting off a Spanky classic, called a dual steel wall crash, and putting a modern twist on it. But while the seasoned vets Dizzy and Spanky play nice with one another, will the young guns Bryan and Crusher survive each other long enough to perform their stunts?
S 1 E 14

Strength in Numbers Pt. II

Aired on Jan 08, 2014
Up in Washington, there's a big show on tap at Evergreen Speedway. Bryan and Spanky are paying a visit to Dizzy on his home turf to headline a night of thrills. But while all eyes are on Bryan to deliver a mind blowing stunt, the pressure is on Dizzy and Crusher to make sure everything is perfect in front of their home town crowd. As showtime approaches, the tension between Bryan and Crusher reaches a fevered pitch. In Iowa, Dr. Danger's got a hankering to get back in the saddle for one last go `round. After a nasty spill left him sidelined for a couple of weeks, Doc's picked himself back up... and for his season finale, he's shootin' for the moon.
S 1 E 15

Down for the Count

Aired on Jan 08, 2014
After spending the last few weeks recovering from his wreck in Abilene, Danger's in Maquoketa, IA and he's getting back in the saddle with the single biggest stunt of his entire career. Down south, the Spanglers are back in the lone star state, and Bryan Spangler's makin' one last stand, with an earth shattering pipe roll, to prove to the fans, and to Spanky, that he's strong enough to stand on his own two feet.
S 1 E 16

The Wild Ride Never Ends

Aired on Jan 08, 2014
For Mr. Dizzy, Dr. Danger, and the Spanglers it's the last show of the season, and they're all going out with a bang. At Texas Motor Speedway, Bryan Spangler's angling to step out from Spanky's shadow with a pipe roll of epic proportions. At his home track in Monroe, WA, Mr. Dizzy's giving his loyal fans a sneak peak of what's to come as he takes his stunt game to the next level. Dr. Danger's puts his life on the line to fulfill a promise that he made to himself at the beginning of stunt season.

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